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Essay What makes something a security issue? Your essay must begin with a clear account of how you have interpreted and narrowed down the question posed and draw on more than one approach to security. This should take up around 20–25 per cent of the word limit. Word limit: 2200 words Read the learning outcomes and follow the student notes and strictly use the key sources given as sources of study material. Please note: Do not use any external sources, other than those given. In text references should be noted simply by writing the document name of the study material given and the page number sourced from, i.e. Week, 23, page number 23. And if it's a particular source in Week 23 such as a audio transcript you have sourced the reference from. You have to note down the document name, i.e. Week 23, Audio 5a challenges transcript, page.13. Please ensure you always use a bracket (). Please ensure your essay consists of the following: Introduction: The introduction should merely explain what you will do in the essay. For instance, This essay will look at factor that makes thing a security issue, it will firstly explain what security is and the types of security that will be focused on are ..... It will further look at case study ...... Main body: The main body will be the main content of what you will discuss, please focus on the essay question and the student notes to find appropriate information. And of-course utilize the sources given, complying to the key sources and use a range of material, such as audio transcripts, chapters and also video transcripts. Conclusion: The conclusion will be a summary of the main body- please ensure you do not present new information. Simply summarise the key points of the main-body definitively and in an objective, however commanding manner. I will send the relevant information, such as the sources (Study material), Student notes etc.
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