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Assignment 1: Diagram a motor skill using the above information processing model. (Example)

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Information Processing Model Name Institution Athlete and Skill Description The hypothetical athlete in this context is a rhythmic gymnast. The gymnast performs exercises that require immense strength balance stamina as well as flexibility. In addition the gymnast requires exercising significant endurance and coordination during the sport. In addition the gymnast requires making movements that contribute to the development of muscle groups in such parts as the arms legs back chest as well as the abdomen CITATION Don14 \l 1033 (Donti Tsolakis & Bogdanis 2014). They also need to have developed mental traits in terms of self-confidence alertness self-discipline as well as precision. One of the most significant motor skills required by gymnasts is the flexibility skill. It is a skill that is critical to the performance of gymnastics. Any flexibility move that is made by a gymnast is supposed to be accompanied with a matching move of a given information in the sensory register and the selective filter’s output CITATION Jem18 \l 1033 (Jemni 2018). Subsequently the information is encoded to make the final decision of the flexibility moves that the gymnast will make. References BIBLIOGRAPHY \l 1033 Cox R. Martens M. & Russell W. (2003). Measuring anxiety in athletes: The revised Competitive State Anxiety Inventory-2. Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology 519–533. Donti O. Tsolakis C. & Bogdanis G. (2014). Effects of Baseline Levels of Flexibility and Vertical Jump Ability on Performance Following Different Volumes of Static Stretching and Potentiating Exercises in Elite Gymnasts. Journal of Sports Science and Medicine 13 (1) 105–113. Jemni M. (2018). The Science of Gymnastics: Advanced Concepts. Routledge. Pellizzari M. Bertollo M. & Robazza C. (2011). Pre- and post-performance emotions in gymnastics competitions. International journal of sport psychology 278-302. Sands W. & Mcneal J. (2000). Enhancing flexibility in gymnastics. Technique 9 6-9. [...]

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Assignment Instructions Information Processing Model Adapted from………… Atkinson, R.C.; Shiffrin, R.M. (1968). "Chapter: Human memory: A proposed system and its control processes". In Spence, K.W.; Spence, J.T. The psychology of learning and motivation. 2. New York: Academic Press. pp. 89–195. Assignment 1: Diagram a motor skill using the above information processing model. Choose and describe a hypothetical athlete/individual and a motor skill you would like to teach Explain whether this skill is closed vs open, discrete, serial or continuous Explain the individual’s ability and all situational/environmental issues Explain issues of anticipation and possible arousal associated with learning and performing the skill Find and summarize one peer reviewed journal article (one-page review + APA reference) that supports your choice of skill, teaching method, concern, need from an information processing related position Remember, additional APA in-text documentation and referencing are required to support your analysis (review irubric) Now the Diagram……………….Create a detailed outline of your skill with the following headings and explanations: Display: Identify all key information that typically confronts the learner. This will include both, important teaching information, and also possible irrelevant personal and environmental information. Sensory Register: Explain what information is attended to (registered), why? Selective Filter: Explain what information from the display is retained and what information is not attended to Encoding: Explain what information remains in attention and memory and why Short-term memory: Explain how you will help the athlete move the key information into short-term memory and analyze, interpret, integrate, create a schema for future selection Choice Delay: Explain: What is meant by choice delay, why it happens and why this issue is important Response execution of long-term memory: Explain this process, how it happens, how it is improved, why it might not happen consistently. The length of this assignment should be 5 pages plus Title and reference page. Rubrics Grammar/Spelling 20 % Exemplary Accomplished Developing Beginning Did not attempt APA referencing style 15 % Exemplary Accomplished Developing Beginning Did not attempt Scholarly Sources 30 % Exemplary Accomplished Developing Beginning Did not attempt Application of knowledge and critic 35 % Exemplary Accomplished Developing Beginning Did not attempt 5 pages plus title and reference page

Subject Area: Sports

Document Type: Research Paper

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