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Pearson Correlation and Linear and Logistic Regression

PLEASE FOLLOW DIRECTIONS OUTLINED IN THE ATTACHMENT "1 WEEK 7 ASSIGNMENT DOCUMENT" YOU WILL NEED TO DOWNLOAD "PAIN MEDICATION FILE" AND "CRIMINAL RECORD FILE". Please download from this link : Please let me know if you have trouble downloading. Complete SPSS Exercise A: Open the Pain Medication SPSS data file linked on the assignment page. Follow the instructions as outlined. Complete SPSS Exercise B: Open the Criminal Records SPSS data file linked on the assignment page. Follow the instructions as outlined. Complete SPSS Exercise C: Open the Pain Medication SPSS data file linked on the assignment page. Follow the instructions as outlined.
PLEASE FOLLOW DIRECTIONS OUTLINED IN THE ATTACHMENT "1 WEEK 7 ASSIGNMENT DOCUMENT" YOU WILL NEED TO DOWNLOAD "PAIN MEDICATION FILE" AND "CRIMINAL RECORD FILE". Please download from this link : Please let me know if you have trouble downloading. Complete SPSS Exercise A: Open the Pain Medication SPSS data file linked on the assignment page. Follow the instructions as outlined.
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Please follow directions outlined in "1 Week 5 assignment document". In order to complete the assignment, you will need the "SPSS criminal record file". Please try to download from this link since it won't allow me to attach it here (please let me know if your unable to download it):
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