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The Purnell Model for Cultural Competence in Health Care

Require citations in each paragraph and references. References can be only taken from .org, .edu, Diversity has a significant influence on health care. Studying transcultural health care helps health professionals understand different cultures in order to provide holistic and individualized health care. Review the Purnell Model for Cultural Competence, including the theory, framework and 12 domains. Write 1,000 word paper exploring the Purnell Model for Cultural Competence. Include the following: Explain the theory and organizational framework of the Purnell Model, and discuss its relevance to transcultural health care. Describe Purnell's 12 domains of culture, and assess how each of these domains plays an active role in the diversity of health care in your specific field. Discuss how this model can be applied when working with different cultures in order to become a more culturally competent health care provider. Cite at least three references, including the course textbook. Reference: The Purnell Model for Cultural Competence in Health Care The student should keep in mind that one psychological model is neither conclusive evidence nor a law. It is very much like a scientific theory, true for the information available at that time. An example would be that of an organ. A very short time ago, it was thought that people of different races would not be able to accept organs from each other. Many African American, Latin American, and Asian Americans suffered and died for want of organ transplants because there were too few donors from their own cultures. It is now known, thanks to the Genome Project, that all human DNA is 99% identical. Organs are now transplanted regardless of race. The Purnell model (Purnell, 2013) includes 12 domains of culture. These are some basic ethnocultural attributes used to assess various cultures. Basically, these domains address some simple questions: 1) Where is the group of people from, and why did it migrate to its present location? 2) What language(s) is the group comfortable speaking? 3) What are the roles played in the family? Is the father the voice of authority, or is the society matriarchal? What is the format for names? 4) What is the attitude toward work? Who should be the breadwinner? Are women allowed to work? 5) What biological aspects of race affect health care? 6) What high-risk behaviors might take place in the culture? 7) Is the diet in the home sufficient? Are there some foods which are believed to be "magical"? 8) What are the pregnancy and childbearing practices? 9) What are the rituals of death and dying? 10) Do religious values and beliefs influence health care practices? 11) What is the attitude toward health care? Have folk practices been in place? 12) Is there a lack of trust toward doctors and nurses? Does the culture have its own health care practitioners? These domains are oversimplified here. Details are elaborated within the textbook for deeper understanding. Conclusion Dr. Purnell's model encompasses the 12 factors that help define a culture. Throughout this course, the unique characteristics that make up the different cultures of the world will be discussed and compared. These are the characteristics that will be used to contrast and compare the 10 groups chosen for each learner's area
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