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SUBJECT AREA Computer Science
CREATED ON 26th January 2019
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Security and Privacy Issues in Healthcare Big Data

Request to submit one of 10-14 page powerpoint, a total of 1000-1500 words of explanation. In addition, submit one of report, about 3,500 words for the final report. Table of Content: 1.Title Name -Background of the topic, definition etc Importance -> why you propose this topic? (Significance) Essay structure 2.Review Issues Ethical reviews -> Opposing views -> Evaluation of different views -> Application of principles Social reviews -> Opposing views -> Evaluation of different views -> Application of principles Professional reviews -> Opposing views -> Evaluation of different views -> Application of principles Legal reviews -> Opposing views -> Evaluation of different views -> Application of principles 3.Limits and vulnerabilities of information systems E.g. What vulnerabilities (weak points) of Information systems will impact the patient security issues? privacy issue?
Request to submit one of 10-14 page powerpoint, a total of 1000-1500 words of explanation. In addition, submit one of report, about 3,500 words for the final report. Table of Content: 1.Title Name -Background of the topic, definition etc Importance -> why you propose this topic? (Significance) Essay structure 2.Review Issues Ethical reviews -> Opposing views -> Evaluation of different views -> Application of principles Social reviews -> Opposing views -> Evaluation of different views -> Application of principles Professional reviews -> Opposing views -> Evaluation of different views -> Application of principles Legal reviews -> Opposing views -> Evaluation of different views -> Application of principles 3.Limits and vulnerabilities of information systems E.g.
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