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What Are the Reasons that China Emits More Carbon Dioxide than the United States?

-Using Google Scholar,, and other government or otherwise reputable websites, dig deeper into the chosen issue -Continue looking at sources (actively reading, saving, and citing as you go) until you feel you adequately understand this issue. -Write a 1,000-1,500 word paper (that's about 3-4 pages of normal spacing and formatting) that synthesizes the information you have discovered into a coherent paper. Imagine that the reader of your paper is a high school junior to whom you are trying to explain this issue using evidence you discovered. Organize it appropriately into sections and paragraphs. Please use an acceptable citation format (MLA, APA, etc.)
-Using Google Scholar,, and other government or otherwise reputable websites, dig deeper into the chosen issue -Continue looking at sources (actively reading, saving, and citing as you go) until you feel you adequately understand this issue. -Write a 1,000-1,500 word paper (that's about 3-4 pages of normal spacing and formatting) that synthesizes the information you have discovered into a coherent paper. Imagine that the reader of your paper is a high school junior to whom you are trying to explain this issue using evidence you discovered. Organize it appropriately into sections and paragraphs.
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