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Case Study J.C Penny and Ron Johnson. A case of a failed leadership: Lessons to be learned

CASE STUDY BY HARBIN AND HUMPREY JC PENNY & RON JOHNSON: A CASE OF FAILED LEADERSHIP Answer the following questions in essay format please cite sources 1. Describe J.C Penny’s culture before and during Johnson’s time in the organization. What were the attributes that Johnson changed and how did this impact culture and success of J.C Penny? 2. What types of organizational culture apply to J.C Penny before and during this change in leadership 3. According to stein, changing and organizational culture involves a teaching process. If you were to have a meeting with Johnson, what processes would you recommend to improve the organizational culture at J.C Penny Readings • Robert Kreitner chapters 1 and 3 • Historical background of organizational Behavior (by Professor Edward G. Wertheim college of business Administration, Northeastern University Boston MA 02115)
CASE STUDY BY HARBIN AND HUMPREY JC PENNY & RON JOHNSON: A CASE OF FAILED LEADERSHIP Answer the following questions in essay format please cite sources 1. Describe J.C Penny’s culture before and during Johnson’s time in the organization. What were the attributes that Johnson changed and how did this impact culture and success of J.C Penny? 2.
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