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If you have read any math novel and can write an essay about it let me know the novel and I can give you the j

Write an Amazon style book review.Be sure to address the following aspects in your review 1.Biological information 2.Brief (1-2paragraph) summary of the text 3.Can reader relate to the text? What would make it better? 4.Does the writing style help or hinder the subject? 5.Is there anything controversial that audiences or readers should be aware of? 6.To whom would you recommend this book? What level of knowledge do you need to appreciate the text?
Write an Amazon style book review.Be sure to address the following aspects in your review 1.Biological information 2.Brief (1-2paragraph) summary of the text 3.Can reader relate to the text? What would make it better? 4.Does the writing style help or hinder the subject? 5.Is there anything controversial that audiences or readers should be aware of?
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