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Descriptive Essay using five senses of place describing a place like resurant , your room

write a essay between 400-600 words describing a person or a place. Needs includes physical traits as well as personality traits of that person and the place needs to include the location, the type of venue , home, business, vacation spot. Use the five sense if going to use the place not person. When describing a person it can be a friend , family member, or celebrity. When describing a place it can be a restaurant,your room , or your place of employment . Does not require sources and research. If doing celebrity do not research the birthday , place of birth, or any other information that you cannot know without looking it up. No contractions and second person . Check page numbers . This is Descriptive essays!!!!
write a essay between 400-600 words describing a person or a place. Needs includes physical traits as well as personality traits of that person and the place needs to include the location, the type of venue , home, business, vacation spot. Use the five sense if going to use the place not person. When describing a person it can be a friend , family member, or celebrity.
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