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SUBJECT AREA Environmental Sciences
CREATED ON 17th January 2019
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Design A Nuclear Reactor: From Mining to Waste Disposal

I need to design a nuclear reactor and convince my teacher why my nuclear reactor is superior. I have to be very specific in my plan by including location and implication of my proposed nuclear reactor into that particular location. I need a justification essay :150ish words ISR Mining Description including environmental site rehabilitation following extraction in a bullet list format roughly 75 words And the Page 5 requirements listed on the attachment (also roughly 75 words) A simplistic self made diagram attachment would also be essential, but it doesn't need to be professionally made. I can do this portion myself, but I would like a quick schematic visual of how my reactor will be set up so I can properly draw the diagram
I need to design a nuclear reactor and convince my teacher why my nuclear reactor is superior. I have to be very specific in my plan by including location and implication of my proposed nuclear reactor into that particular location. I need a justification essay :150ish words ISR Mining Description including environmental site rehabilitation following extraction in a bullet list format roughly 75 words And the Page 5 requirements listed on the attachment (also roughly 75 words) A simplistic self made diagram attachment would also be essential, but it doesn't need to be professionally made.
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