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Essay using PROMPT to Critique a mental health nursing article

TMA 03 Cut-off date: 26January 2019 Word limit :1500 words (see the word limit policy) Weighting: 40 per cent of your overall continuous assessment score You are required to comply with the word limits on your assignments, and to follow the guidance on referencing and plagiarism in the HWSC assessment guidance. TMA 03 Question Prepare a critique of one research paper selected from your programme pathway listed below. Mental health nursing: Smith, S. and Macduff, C. (2017) ‘A thematic analysis of the experience of UK mental health nurses who have trained in Solution Focused Brief Therapy’, Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing, vol. 24, no. 2, pp. 105–13. Bunyan, M., Crowley, J., Cashen, A. and Mutti, M. (2017) ‘A look at inpatients’ experience of mental health rehabilitation wards’, Mental Health Practice, vol. 20, no. 6, pp. 17–23. Guidance Using the PROMPT criteria that you were introduced to in Unit 17, undertake an evaluation of the paper for your chosen field of practice making suggestions about how this research may be applicable to clinical practice. Your written critique should be in the form of an essay and should demonstrate that you have understood the strengths and limitations of your chosen study. However, it is also important that you have considered whether the research approach used was appropriate for the research aims or research questions. At the end of your critique suggest how the findings from this study might be applicable to your clinical practice. This assignment requires you to demonstrate what you now understand about how to critically evaluate information. In order to meet the requirements of the TMA you will need to have read the units in Block 4 and completed the activities. Below is the PROMPT framework for you to use. You can download a Word file  of the criteria and make notes of your chosen paper that you can then use to write up your assignment. PROMPT criteria Research article Presentation (is the information presented and clearly communicated?) Consider the language, layout, structure and so on.                                                                    Relevance (does the information match the needs of the researcher?) Look at the introduction or overview to find out what it is mainly about. Objectivity (is the article biased, or motivated by a particular agenda, and is the author’s position or interest made clear?) Is the language emotive? Are there hidden, vested interests? Methods (research reports only) (is it clear how the data was collected?) Were the methods appropriate and can you trust it? Provenance (is it clear where the information has come from?) Can you identify the author(s)/organisation(s) and are they trustworthy? Are there references/citations that lead to further reading, and are they trustworthy sources? Timeliness (is it clear when the information was produced?) How up-to-date is it? Does the date of the information meet your requirements, or would it be obsolete? Learning outcomes This assignment addresses the following learning outcomes: 1. Knowledge and understanding After studying KYN237, you should be able to: 1.1 examine the theories and evidence that underpin nursing as a profession which includes assessment, planning, practice and audit in order to deliver safe, effective and evidence-based care which is compassionate and person-centred 1.4 evaluate the value of interdisciplinary collaboration and inter-agency working across a range of health and social services and providers 1.5 apply the use of research and other sources of evidence in critiquing care, delivery and evaluation. 2 Cognitive skills After studying KYN237, you should be able to: 2.3 synthesise and challenge information, research findings and evidence to inform strategies that promote health, recovery or a peaceful death and inform the delivery of compassionate, person-centred nursing care. 3 Key skills After studying KYN237, you should be able to: 3.1 demonstrate analytical thinking in the selection and utilisation of appropriate skills of enquiry including the synthesis of ideas and the ability to challenge accepted wisdom 3.5 use information literacy, technology tools and numeracy skills as appropriate to find, critically evaluate, process, present and communicate information.
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