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Cultural differences between a german and hong kong organisation

Hi, my discipline is International human resources management. i just need 3 slides for my parts. and please give me the speech (explanation) as well. I have attach 2 files, which one is my report and the other one is powerpoint. so here you just do my slides in the powerpoint that i have attach for you just do in slides pages 8,9,10 "Scenario Number Three, Response to Question Three, Write out three recommendations" from the attach "M words" that i have put the highline red color just do all of them to the slides that i have mention before. if you don't understand you can see the powerpoint slides that my friend done her parts, she has mention her name there, her name is Caylin.
Hi, my discipline is International human resources management. i just need 3 slides for my parts. and please give me the speech (explanation) as well. I have attach 2 files, which one is my report and the other one is powerpoint.
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