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How does parental substance misuse have an effect on child development?

To conduct a critically evaluative literature review within an (agreed) area of social work that highlights the contemporary considerations in respect of social work practice. My dissertation topic is: How does parental substance misuse have an effect on child development. You may touch on all child developments briefly but please primarily focus on emotional development! In order to pass the module each element of the assessment must be passed. A 5000 word dissertation must be done. i have attached an example of a dissertation from a student last year. please have a look. i have also uploaded my research proposal which you can have a look at also. This paper is a UK paper please. Lastly i have uploaded a template. PLEASE USE AS A GUIDE. Every area in the template must be covered.
To conduct a critically evaluative literature review within an (agreed) area of social work that highlights the contemporary considerations in respect of social work practice. My dissertation topic is: How does parental substance misuse have an effect on child development. You may touch on all child developments briefly but please primarily focus on emotional development! In order to pass the module each element of the assessment must be passed.
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