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A 44 year old female newly diagnose with diabetes, how she cope with the disease

The scholarly paper expected for this course is one in which the author addresses a topic utilizing scholarly literature and analyzes, synthesizes and/or critiques this literature supporting his/her topic. The paper requires you to present a Case Study of a patient as seen in the clinical areas. It will be important to analyze and synthesize the literature as well as critique it, rather than just present it. OUTLINE OF PAPER All necessary content comes from the guidelines below. This is the outline and are suggested headings for the paper Abstract (in APA format). The Abstract will be placed in the student’s academic file. Overview/Introduction Literature Review Theoretical Framework Description of Case (description of a health problem; details of the patient including all medical, social determinants of health such as cultural, economic factors, etc.)
The scholarly paper expected for this course is one in which the author addresses a topic utilizing scholarly literature and analyzes, synthesizes and/or critiques this literature supporting his/her topic. The paper requires you to present a Case Study of a patient as seen in the clinical areas. It will be important to analyze and synthesize the literature as well as critique it, rather than just present it. OUTLINE OF PAPER All necessary content comes from the guidelines below.
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