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Capital Budgeting (Investment and Financing Decisions)

Capital Budgeting (Investment and Financing Decisions) for organic steak restaurant WACC using Beta for similer business should be used (0.87) as it was found REfercnece is needed to be calcuated and NPV for all serarios is required , excel sheet with initicial calculation ( stratup cost and forcasted sales is provided. Harverd Refecing 3000 word report. is requred, SAMPLE case is provided.
Capital Budgeting (Investment and Financing Decisions) for organic steak restaurant WACC using Beta for similer business should be used (0.87) as it was found REfercnece is needed to be calcuated and NPV for all serarios is required , excel sheet with initicial calculation ( stratup cost and forcasted sales is provided. Harverd Refecing 3000 word report. is requred, SAMPLE case is provided.
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