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CREATED ON 11th December 2018
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Modiano, So You Don’t Get lost in the Neighborhood

Grading: Papers will be graded on the following basis: 1. Content: the ability to explain the literary content called for in the question. 2. Writing: correct grammar, clarity of expression, focused thesis, and effective organization. Quotations: Do not use long quotations; weave quotations into your own writing; all quotations must be shorter than a single sentence. Sources: You may use class notes, but not use any outside sources. Plagiarism: Using any sources without attribution is plagiarism. Using someone else’s words without attribution, even if you change some words, is plagiarism. Using someone else’s ideas, even in your own words, is plagiarism. This holds true whether the copied source is a printed book or article, or the internet. Plagiarism will lead to an F on the paper and in the course. See the Brooklyn College Student Handbook, 17-21, for definition and policy on plagiarism (available online at
Grading: Papers will be graded on the following basis: 1. Content: the ability to explain the literary content called for in the question. 2. Writing: correct grammar, clarity of expression, focused thesis, and effective organization.
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