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Feminism Essay on the movie ″Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them″

- Grade 11 University (Academic) Level English Class The literary theory of Feminism There is an outline there of what the essay structure should look like. It is a Point, Proof, Analysis type of essay The essay has to include 2 direct proofs (Direct quotes from the movie) and then 1 indirect proof (Quotes or Scenes that are Paraphrased). I have included the rubric if you wanted to take a look at it. Please aim for a LEVEL 4
- Grade 11 University (Academic) Level English Class The literary theory of Feminism There is an outline there of what the essay structure should look like. It is a Point, Proof, Analysis type of essay The essay has to include 2 direct proofs (Direct quotes from the movie) and then 1 indirect proof (Quotes or Scenes that are Paraphrased). I have included the rubric if you wanted to take a look at it.
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