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SUBJECT AREA English Language
CREATED ON 11th December 2018
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Government Initiatives to Prepare for and/or Mitigate Against a Cyber Attack

- A discussion of a particular program, to include how the program could be improved, - A discussion of how mitigation strategies were enacted by a State or local government, - A discussion of how the federal government has encouraged preparedness against a certain type of threat, - A discussion of a statute/law designed to encourage mitigation or preparedness against a certain threat,
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How is English taught in Spain? Focus on how English is taught in international schools and non-international schools of Spain 1. What is the role of English in these two types of schools? 
 2. How is English taught, similarly or differently, in these schools? (Focus on secondary Education)
 3. What is the existing language policy and how does said policy affect..
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Peer Responses Please respond to two (2) separate post, responses need to be 125-150 words in length. Be sure to engage in a peer response after reading the post. Be sure to answer any question the post may ask. Give some compliments about the post and what you like about it and some discussion about what is being talked about. Please respond to the person writing..
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