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The historical relationship between media technologies and major themes of the course

* The historical relationship between media technologies and major themes of the course. How a media technology of your choice relates to major themes. * Select and discuss at least one media technology covered in this course * Provide at least two historical examples either from lecture or course readings * Media Technologies : 1. Writing (illuminated manuscripts, letters, manuscript newsletters) 2. Painting (religious, portrait, landscape, realist, ethnographic) 3. Printing (woodblock, movable-type, lithography) 4. Reference works (dictionaries, encyclopedias, atlases, anthologies) 5. News media (newspapers, pamphlets, the penny press) 6. Financial media (paper money, price lists, advertisements) 7. Transportation and Communication networks (postal, railway, steamship) 8. Photography (Daguerreotypes, Talbotypes, wet collodion process) write about those 6 themes essay. each theme write about 1.5 pages 1. Political activism (example: the Civil Rights Movement) 2. Artistic movements and aesthetic forms (example: Surrealism) 3. Corporate networks (example: ABC TV Network) 4. Military needs (example: fire control) 5. Government regulation (example: station licensing) 6. Codes and Coding (example: Morse code)
* The historical relationship between media technologies and major themes of the course. How a media technology of your choice relates to major themes. * Select and discuss at least one media technology covered in this course * Provide at least two historical examples either from lecture or course readings * Media Technologies : 1. Writing (illuminated manuscripts, letters, manuscript newsletters) 2.
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