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How your performance in this class demonstrates mastery of the course

Also see attachment! This paper is about why I deserve a 95 in the class! Write a 400-600 word essay in MLA format examining how your performance in this class demonstrates mastery of the course student learning outcomes and arguing for a specific number grade in the course. Accomplishing this task may involve the following steps: Read the Student Learning Outcome for English 1102. For each of the four outcomes, summarize how your work in this class demonstrates you have achieved that outcome. Use specific, concrete examples from our assignments to prove your case. Make an argument for a specific number grade in the class. Explain to me why your performance and work in this class justifies that grade. Example of valid justification: SLO #3 states that students must “identify basic literary terminology.” Not only did I score 100 on each of the terms quizzes, but I also used the terms correctly in each of my essays. This is one reason why I believe I have earned an A. Example of poor justification: I deserve an A in this class because I worked really hard, and if I don’t get an A I won’t get into the nursing program.
Also see attachment! This paper is about why I deserve a 95 in the class! Write a 400-600 word essay in MLA format examining how your performance in this class demonstrates mastery of the course student learning outcomes and arguing for a specific number grade in the course. Accomplishing this task may involve the following steps: Read the Student Learning Outcome for English 1102.
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1500 Words Evaluate the empirical evidence on how individual consumption choices relate to predictable or unanticipated changes in income. Does this evidence support or refute the predictions from the theories of the Permanent Income Hypothesis and the Life-cycle Hypothesis? According to your view, can we predict the precise effect that a change in taxes..
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Family and Medical Leave Act and Core HR Functions
Prepare a 5–6-page analysis on how FMLA has affected both teamwork and your selected function of an HR department. You must include both positive and negative consequences of the act as well as recommendations to mitigate negative effects of the act on teamwork, using an employee-centered approach. Scenario The health care ecosystem is experiencing considerable..

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