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Using hydropower with reference to the case of Chapman Gorge Dam & utilitarian mindset in achieving justice

Topic: What are the issues at stake in using hydropower with reference to the case of Chapman Gorge Dam?Do you think that it is adequate to rely on the utilitarian mindset in achieving justice? A grade Essay is required. Reading: 1. Christine E. Gudorf and James E. Huchingson (eds.) (2010). Boundaries: A Casebook in Environmental Ethics 2nd ed. Washington D. C.: Georgetown University Press, Chapter 9: “River Run or River Ruined: Hydropower or Free-Flowing Rivers?” (pp. 163-178). 2.Peter Penz, Jay Drydyk, and Pable S. Bose (2011). Displacement by Development: ethics, rights and responsibilities. New York: Cambridge University Press, chapter six: “the development ethics framework” (pp. 116-148)
Topic: What are the issues at stake in using hydropower with reference to the case of Chapman Gorge Dam?Do you think that it is adequate to rely on the utilitarian mindset in achieving justice? A grade Essay is required. Reading: 1. Christine E.
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