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SUBJECT AREA English Language
CREATED ON 10th December 2018
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Ticking Bombs, Torture, and the Analogy with Self-Defense by Daniel J. Hill according to Kantian view

I need this essay in 24 hours. I have attached guideline for style. I have to have a minimum 8 page essay not including title page or works cited page. It is Ethics essay and the subject is what I have listed as title. I have to include the author, Daniel Hill's view on the subject, the view/theory based on Immanuel Kant, philosopher, and then my view(writers view on subject) whether for or against.i guess that would be the three points. In general I chose Immanuel Kant because I relate some to his views, and believe in God. The subject itself, I believe in interrogational torture if it saves the lives of many, but I do not know how to put all this together which is why I am recruiting help.
I need this essay in 24 hours. I have attached guideline for style. I have to have a minimum 8 page essay not including title page or works cited page. It is Ethics essay and the subject is what I have listed as title.
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