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CREATED ON 9th December 2018
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Domestic violence in North Carolina domestic violence perpetrators should be prosecuted

Argumentative domestic violence perpetrators should be prosecuted. Six- to eight-page essay (full pages, not counting media and Works Cited page). Excess pages are judged on a “need” basis. To meet the “complete” draft requirement, essay text must reach the bottom of the fourth page, include in-text citations, and have a separate Works Cited page. A clear and arguable position, Necessary background information, Good reasons, Convincing evidence, Appeals to readers' values, A trustworthy tone. MLA formatting. paraphrases and direct quotations using appropriate signal phrases and correct in-text citations, and a separate, alphabetically organized Works Cited. Four credible primary and secondary sources. To ensure credibility, these sources should come from personal interviews, an established database such as N.C. Live, or printed materials such as books, magazines, or newspapers.
Argumentative domestic violence perpetrators should be prosecuted. Six- to eight-page essay (full pages, not counting media and Works Cited page). Excess pages are judged on a “need” basis. To meet the “complete” draft requirement, essay text must reach the bottom of the fourth page, include in-text citations, and have a separate Works Cited page.
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