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Compile pictures and graphics for your final project

Compile Pictures and Graphics for Your Final Project Compile, describe, and cite at least 15 works of art that you will use in your final project, and write 3 to 5 sentences about each one. Why did you choose that specific work of art or picture? What does that picture mean to you? What did that picture or work of art mean to society in general during the time the artist was creating that work of art? How does each picture contribute to your final project?
Compile Pictures and Graphics for Your Final Project Compile, describe, and cite at least 15 works of art that you will use in your final project, and write 3 to 5 sentences about each one. Why did you choose that specific work of art or picture? What does that picture mean to you? What did that picture or work of art mean to society in general during the time the artist was creating that work of art?
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