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Utilitarianism is the best moral approach because

I created a video in this week's video section on how to write a good philosophy paper. I strongly recommend viewing that. You can also click here to view Applied Ethics: If you would like to write on an applied ethics topic instead, you may do so. You could write on current ethical issues like microfinancing, vaccines, distributive justice, etc. There are many excellent examples at the end of each chapter in your textbook (case studies). Explain/analyze the issue and connect it to the theories we are studying. For example, you could argue that getting vaccinated is right for a utilitarian reason... it protects the general population (herd immunity). Perhaps too there are egoistic and deontological reasons for this position? Grading of theory essay 1. Content 75% Did you accurately and clearly explain the theory/philosophy? Did you superficially retell what you learned about this philosophy (average), or did you offer deeper insights, applications, defenses, or criticisms (good to superior)? Did you avoid the logical fallacies and present sound arguments? Are your arguments clear, deep, and insightful? 2. Readability & Style 15% Is your writing clear and well organized? If you read your essay aloud, is it clear? Does it flow well? Check for grammatical and spelling errors since these will decrease clarity. 3. Mechanics 10% MLA, 12 point font, double spaced, at least four full pages. You may write up to eight pages. Also, I will be checking for plagiarism. Don't plagiarize. *The Writing Center offers assistance with these types of written assignments. See video on how to write a philosophy paper.
I created a video in this week's video section on how to write a good philosophy paper. I strongly recommend viewing that. You can also click here to view Applied Ethics: If you would like to write on an applied ethics topic instead, you may do so. You could write on current ethical issues like microfinancing, vaccines, distributive justice, etc.
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