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SUBJECT AREA English Language
CREATED ON 7th December 2018
COMPLETED ON 10th December 2018
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A research-driven essay that offers insight into a comedian Ryan Higa and analysis of his comedy.

I have work with you before and I'm really fascinating with your work. The way you put on the essay is not like a robotic but a driven writer. This time you'll write for me a research essay about how the comedian present himself beside making people laugh, what is his point he bring to the table. -Insightful intro and conclusion -Analysis of the comedian’s material as your primary source - 4 reputable secondary sources and at least 8 quotes -Ethos Logos Pathos -check out My example paper so you have an idea of what i'm looking for -check out the article How Comedian Became Public Intellectuals for quoting you might need URL:
I have work with you before and I'm really fascinating with your work. The way you put on the essay is not like a robotic but a driven writer. This time you'll write for me a research essay about how the comedian present himself beside making people laugh, what is his point he bring to the table.
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