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Identify what you believe to be the most important cultural values of the medieval period in Western Europe an

A successful essay communicates one main idea to the reader. That one main idea is usually referred to as a thesis statement, and the writer’s job is to support and develop that thesis statement through the body of the paper. The specific goal of this essay is to communicate to the reader your response to the question below. The answer to this question will be your thesis statement and what you must prove through the body of the essay. Identify what you believe to be the most important cultural values of the medieval period in Western Europe and use specific examples from the period’s art, architecture, literature, religious beliefs, and philosophies to support your definition. As you structure your essay, keep this pattern in mind: Your introductory paragraph should grab the reader’s attention, introduce your topic, and give your thesis and points of support. You must have at least three points of support for this essay. The body of your essay should develop your thesis statement. You should develop one point of support for each body paragraph, using concrete reasons and examples from your reading. The concluding paragraph should end the essay as well as provide your reader some larger application of your discussion. The essay should be between 400-500 words. You will need to type your response in a Word document, save the document, and then upload it to Blackboard through this assignment link. Please let me know if you need help submitting your work. Important things to keep in mind: • Do not create an argument that states the obvious. In other words, your thesis should not be a summary. Your thesis should be an argument. • The topic sentence of each paragraph should introduce the points of support and link to your thesis. • Don’t forget the basics: clear thesis that states your argument and points of support; thorough introduction and conclusion; logical organization with topic sentences and transition, and detailed and well-analyzed support. • Feel free to use “I.” General Guidelines for Writing Prompts for Humanities 101 1. Begin each essay with a three-line heading in the top left-hand corner of page one. The heading should include your name and the date, and the title of the prompt. Jane Smith January 15, 2009 Ancient Religions
A successful essay communicates one main idea to the reader. That one main idea is usually referred to as a thesis statement, and the writer’s job is to support and develop that thesis statement through the body of the paper. The specific goal of this essay is to communicate to the reader your response to the question below. The answer to this question will be your thesis statement and what you must prove through the body of the essay.
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