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Choose at least TWO examples from the art of two different eras which have been covered in class.

Title of Assignment (500 to 800 words): Choose at least TWO examples from the art of two different eras which have been covered in class. For each of the art works you need to describe some aesthetic characteristics and provide some historical context. Finally you need to show how each art work/style from the past has served as inspiration for a modern or contemporary artist. topics covered in the art journal are: famous painters (leonardo, giorgione, hieronymous, guercino) hieroggraphs such as blombos cave, clay and stone figures, middle east, babylonia, vellum, jerusalem, ancient egypt, ancient greece, early hellladic age, minoan age, mycenaean art, dark age, hellenistic period, etruscans, late antiquity and early christianity, byzantine art (early, middle and late), medieval art, tapestry, Charles Le brun, late medieval Italy, simone martini, giotto, marco polo. The journal finishes with this: What was happening? 1415 Battle of Agincourt 1434 Cosmo di Medici rules Florence 1445 Guttenberg prints first book in Europe 1453 Fall of Constantinople – Turks and Byzantine Empire 1492 Arabs and Jews expelled from Spain 1492 Columbus lands in the West Indies 1498 Vasco Da Gama sails to India
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In year 1994, Tim O'Brien released the thrilling fictional works novel titled In the Lake of the Woods. During the time of the book's debut, it was one of the first novels to become written in this unique format. The author smartly uses the chapters in order to jump forward and backward between the earlier and present tense. They can utilize the narrator as a independent character aside from those included in the story. O'Brien created a suspenseful mystery new that engages the reader with the dilemma of solving a missing person's case. The story begins together with the main persona, John Wade, and his partner, Kathy Sort, in their log cabin in Lake of the Woods. They are discussing their upcoming and all the dreams they wish to accomplish with each other. Any audience would imagine it is a classic love account, but then mcdougal gives an unexpected twist. After completing the novel, it truly is apparent for the reader that you could..
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Csp reflection essay
Mission Statement- "to provide a system which obtains quality education for all college students within our school community and fasters the holistic progress each kid. " a) Bearing the Vision 2030 goal you selected in reflection 1 in mind, recognize a set of objectives you make an effort to fulfill in your assignment in your agency. Listed here are objectives I actually aim to match at my firm: 1) To gain experience in order that when I enterprise into the operating world Let me know what to anticipate. 2) To get my community service My spouse and i am teaching grade a few therefore , my personal objective is usually to help instruct the students that can contribute to the moving of the Class 3 Analysis Test.
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CosmogonyWorks ReportedBrandon, H. G. N. Dictionary of Comparative Religion. New York: Charles Scribner'sSons, 1970."Cosmogony. " World Book Encyclopedia. 1990 ed.Different made use of view the thought of how the universe was created, or perhaps cosmogony, in various ways. China holds a large number of cosmogonies, but they all revolve around a similar ideas. Egypt's cosmogony was motivated by desire that their Our god created all the other gods. The views of folks define the cosmogony in Greece, mainly of Homer. Cosmogony in the Hebrew religion is defined in the first two chapters of Genesis(Brandon 208). Japanese cosmogonic mythology has its beginnings of myths that one may trace way back. Some landscapes of the distinct religions remain the same, but most sights differ from each other.Chinese philosophical interest was centered on human affairs. Egypt was encouraged to show that divine fiat conceives cosmic..