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ENGL344 - Formal Report - Evaluate 3 websites on 3 criteria's

A 9 pages formal report, in MLA format, that evaluates: - 3 websites from the same area, i.e. sports, medicine, entertainment or university - evaluated on 3 criteria’s, i.e. ease of navigation, attractiveness, quality of content - and at least 2 illustrations in MLA format Structured like this: - Page 1 – Title page - Page 2 – Letter of transmittal (ToC with list of illustrations) - Page 3 – Report Title with Executive Summary - Page 4-7 – Report body with subheadings, bullets, and illustrations - Page 8 – Conclusion - Page 9 – Works Cited
A 9 pages formal report, in MLA format, that evaluates: - 3 websites from the same area, i.e. sports, medicine, entertainment or university - evaluated on 3 criteria’s, i.e.
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