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SUBJECT AREA Environmental Sciences
CREATED ON 4th December 2018
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Review & Summary of 13-Year Case Study of Vegetation Response to Seasonal Fire

Write a three page paper over the research paper attached. Provide a synopsis of the article by reiterating the research presented. It is best to focus on the introduction and discussion sections of the paper. The Methods and Results sections should be briefly addressed. Do not include figures or tables. Your synopsis should also address the following points: 1. What importance do the authors place on the study? 2. How is this information relevant to our currently changing world? 3. What is your critique of the information provided? Offer a single paragraph of your opinion on the research.
Write a three page paper over the research paper attached. Provide a synopsis of the article by reiterating the research presented. It is best to focus on the introduction and discussion sections of the paper. The Methods and Results sections should be briefly addressed.
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