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Essay and PowerPoint presentation on Israel's economy

Case Study Content The objective of the project is to build skills in analysis in the context of macroeconomics.  To complete a case study successfully a student will create a PowerPoint presentation (about 20-25 slides) . Your case study should have all the attributes of good writing and plagiarism will result in severe penalty, which may result in a failing grade for the project.  For your project (both PowerPoint slides and the paper):  - Pick a country (except USA) and explain the reasons for your choice. – Suggested format: 1 slide  - Provide basic, most current information about this country –no more than 3-5 powerpoint slides. * Social: Ethnic groups, crime rates, literacy levels,… * Political: Nature, stability and ideology of government,… * Physical: Natural resource endowments, pollution and environmental issues, infrastructure, technology development and use in society.  - Evaluate the overall nation’s economic situation using tools studied in the course- 10-15 powerpoint slides. In your evaluation please analyze:  * Labor Market and Income Distribution (employment situation, unemployment rate, minimum wage if any, poverty level, number of people living under the poverty line, etc.) * GDP (level, history and growth) * Price level and Inflation (numbers and trends) * Federal Budget (surplus or deficit: amount, history, predictions) * Money and Banking System (currency, exchange rate with major world currencies, etc.) * International Trade ( major imports and exports, trade flow amounts and trends, trade restrictions)  - Identify at least one major economic problem the country has experienced in the past or is facing now. Provide possible solutions if the problem is current or explain outcomes of the problem if it occurred in the past – 2-4 powerpoint slides. Please make a separate section in your project for this part and explain clearly what problem/economic challenges you discovered and how it was resolved.  - Discover one economic relationship this country has with the U.S. (trade ties, investment relations, multinational agreements, etc.) – 1-3 powerpoint slides.  - Bibliography. Include all the references to the information used in the project (minimum four references). Books and articles used must have names of authors, title, publisher, year, name of journal, volume and page numbers, as the case may be. Websites used should be cited with full URL and date accessed. Any verbatim use of material (a phrase/sentence or more) should be within quotation marks in the text and the name of the author and page number given at the end of the sentence in parenthesis. You cannot use websites such as Wikipedia or as these sites can be edited by anyone and may provide reader with the false information. All data in your project should indicate source. – 1 slide. Be creative! 
Case Study Content The objective of the project is to build skills in analysis in the context of macroeconomics.  To complete a case study successfully a student will create a PowerPoint presentation (about 20-25 slides) . Your case study should have all the attributes of good writing and plagiarism will result in severe penalty, which may result in a failing grade for the project.  For your project (both PowerPoint slides and the paper):  - Pick a country (except USA) and explain the reasons for your choice. – Suggested format: 1 slide  - Provide basic, most current information about this country –no more than 3-5 powerpoint slides.
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