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Word research essay, explore the role satire plays in our society.

Does satire have an overall positive or negative impact on our political and social systems? In what ways can it inspire both change and apathy? What makes satire different from other forms of humor? What are the limits of satire? Are there certain rules or lines that should not be crossed? Ideas for essays: Write a close analysis of one famous example of satire: EX: South Park, Sasha Baron Cohen, Political Talk Show Hosts. Analyze the techniques that make satire successful by using a variety of examples. Trace how satire has influenced public opinion on a particular issue. Focus on the moral imperative or social responsibility of satire.
Does satire have an overall positive or negative impact on our political and social systems? In what ways can it inspire both change and apathy? What makes satire different from other forms of humor? What are the limits of satire?
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