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M7A1: PowerPoint Topic Proposal and Research Question

The focus of your final project is as follows: Here is the challenging broad topic you will explore: “Globalization: Our Ever- Shrinking World” Narrow and refine this topic into a research question. Here, you need to focus on particular areas of the world or aspects such as the impact of technology on communications, cultural erosion, multiculturalism and diversity pressures, refugees, global industries/markets, loss of biodiversity, food instability, overpopulation, or migrant workers. Global means more than just the U.S. Please come up with your own ideas here! Now, within this area, you need to focus on something more specific: social media, indigenous peoples, legal vs. illegal migration, permanent refugees in the Middle East, etc. Remember, it has to be GLOBAL IN PERSPECTIVE! Again, come up with your own particular focus! The final product you submit will present your findings about the topic both visually (through carefully designed slides) and verbally (through the words you would say if you were giving a speech). Your submission should include each item listed here: A research question around the topic described above A 250+ word description of the issue that your research question will address and why it is a major concern for the people of the world At least 5 references in APA style
The focus of your final project is as follows: Here is the challenging broad topic you will explore: “Globalization: Our Ever- Shrinking World” Narrow and refine this topic into a research question. Here, you need to focus on particular areas of the world or aspects such as the impact of technology on communications, cultural erosion, multiculturalism and diversity pressures, refugees, global industries/markets, loss of biodiversity, food instability, overpopulation, or migrant workers. Global means more than just the U.S. Please come up with your own ideas here!
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