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Introduction to Community Psychology Outreach Paper

Field Assignment (15 points) – Students choose ONLY one of the following: Visit a mental health facility (i.e. clinic, hospital) and interview a practitioner Attend an AA/NA/GA meeting or support group in the community (no interview needed) Go to a community facility (homeless, domestic violence, covenant house, or veteran legion) and interview an employee or volunteer or veteran Students are to write a paper about their experience. In the paper, via Wiki Page, you will all need to compare and contrast your experience in the community/field setting and discuss collaborative research success of the program, effectiveness and success including studies etc. How do they run their program? What are the successes? What are the failures? What would you do differently? What would you keep? What did you like? Dislike? Make sure to include individual reflections on their experience. The field project/wiki will be due the last week of the course on No assignments will be accepted past the due date. Students will receive a final grade/feedback within the week of the due date. Grading Rubric for Paper/ Project- 15 Points Attending Group AA/NA/GA (Alcoholics Anonymous/Narcotics Anonymous/Gambling Anonymous) or another community group setting or visiting a facility (mental health/shelter) (5 pts.) Compare and contrast your experience (3 pts.) Reponses to at least 2 other students’ posts (2 pt.) Overall presentation and how it relates to the course (5 pt.)
Field Assignment (15 points) – Students choose ONLY one of the following: Visit a mental health facility (i.e. clinic, hospital) and interview a practitioner Attend an AA/NA/GA meeting or support group in the community (no interview needed) Go to a community facility (homeless, domestic violence, covenant house, or veteran legion) and interview an employee or volunteer or veteran Students are to write a paper about their experience. In the paper, via Wiki Page, you will all need to compare and contrast your experience in the community/field setting and discuss collaborative research success of the program, effectiveness and success including studies etc. How do they run their program?
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