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5-6 page persuasive commentary on • Since the 1950s American Popular Culture has deeply impacted our society. Over the past few decades we have seen a plethora of various types of media that have become an integral part of our society. Television, the internet, various forms of music to name. With such ongoing developments has come both praise and criticism. The current state of American Popular Culture has reached a tipping point?
5-6 page persuasive commentary on • Since the 1950s American Popular Culture has deeply impacted our society. Over the past few decades we have seen a plethora of various types of media that have become an integral part of our society. Television, the internet, various forms of music to name. With such ongoing developments has come both praise and criticism.
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Work must meet the following criteria upon submission: Word processed Standard font and an appropriate size i.e. Arial, Times New Roman or Calibri in size 11Minimum of double line spacing Correctly referenced APA variation of the Harvard citation method ) 1500 words grammar, punctuation and spelling must be perfect...

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