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Project for Critical Analysis and Nursing Science

The Project for Critical Analysis and Nursing Science focused on developing your clinical judgment in professional nursing practice. The Project was a self-reflective analysis that emphasized the multi-dimensional elements of your clinical judgment. In a written paper you were to look at the assignments you completed for this course as listed below and explain how each contributed to your clinical judgment. My philosophy of professional nursing The art and science of nursing - action plan Compassionate client centered care Personal self-care plan Collaboration skills Ethical professional nursing practice Personal critical thinking indicators (CTIs) Using evidence based research Becoming an advocate Your self-reflection and analysis Project on Clinical Judgment must be no more than 7 pages long. It should include the analysis of each of the above assignments with a rationale as to how each contribute to your clinical judgment. If references are used include both in text citations and a References page in APA Editorial format.
The Project for Critical Analysis and Nursing Science focused on developing your clinical judgment in professional nursing practice. The Project was a self-reflective analysis that emphasized the multi-dimensional elements of your clinical judgment. In a written paper you were to look at the assignments you completed for this course as listed below and explain how each contributed to your clinical judgment. My philosophy of professional nursing The art and science of nursing - action plan Compassionate client centered care Personal self-care plan Collaboration skills Ethical professional nursing practice Personal critical thinking indicators (CTIs) Using evidence based research Becoming an advocate Your self-reflection and analysis Project on Clinical Judgment must be no more than 7 pages long.
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