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Tell the story of imigration and its history and effect on current day America

ESSAY 1 Tell the story of its history and effect on current day America. Latin American Describe the current political battle against illegal immigration today? How does it affect people of different ethnic backgrounds in the U.S.? What is the symbolism of “the Middle Passage” and “borderlands.” Finally, imagine an America of the future where people live in greater racial harmony and welcome immigrants. What can we do as a nation to arrive at that place? You may use sources we’ve discussed in class, including the PBS But you must also come up with at least four new research sources on this for your Works Cited page.
ESSAY 1 Tell the story of its history and effect on current day America. Latin American Describe the current political battle against illegal immigration today? How does it affect people of different ethnic backgrounds in the U.S.? What is the symbolism of “the Middle Passage” and “borderlands.” Finally, imagine an America of the future where people live in greater racial harmony and welcome immigrants.
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