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SUBJECT AREA Anthropology
DOCUMENT TYPE Research Paper
CREATED ON 1st December 2018
COMPLETED ON 3rd December 2018
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Peoples & Cultures of Latin America and the Caribbean

This is a research paper for my Anthropology class, I have attached the instructions below. Please read the instructions carefully, I WILL DO THE FIRST PART WHICH IS INTERVIEW OUTLINE + PRELIMINARY RESEARCH AND I WILL ALSO GIVE YOU THE INTERVIEW AUDIO CLIP I DID, YOU WILL HAVE TO DO THE 2ND PAGE WHICH IS LITERATURE+OBJECT REF. (2 PGS) AND FINAL PAPER (5PGS)
This is a research paper for my Anthropology class, I have attached the instructions below. Please read the instructions carefully, I WILL DO THE FIRST PART WHICH IS INTERVIEW OUTLINE + PRELIMINARY RESEARCH AND I WILL ALSO GIVE YOU THE INTERVIEW AUDIO CLIP I DID, YOU WILL HAVE TO DO THE 2ND PAGE WHICH IS LITERATURE+OBJECT REF.
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