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Amazons Influence on United States’ Economic Development

You will choose a topic related to development and write a 2,000 word essay, excluding references) about that topic. The topic is ,amazons influence on the United States economic development and keep in mind, What do you think the likely future trajectory is for Amazon (and the US economy more broadly)? answer the questions bout the topic in the instructions that I've attached. Ive also attached the paper prospectus to give you an idea of what should be covered in the paper as well. In text citation, works cited page of the reliable/scholarly resources.
You will choose a topic related to development and write a 2,000 word essay, excluding references) about that topic. The topic is ,amazons influence on the United States economic development and keep in mind, What do you think the likely future trajectory is for Amazon (and the US economy more broadly)? answer the questions bout the topic in the instructions that I've attached. Ive also attached the paper prospectus to give you an idea of what should be covered in the paper as well.
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