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Discuss the case of a religious group that refuse life-saving blood transfusion for their under-age child

Discuss the case of a religious group that refuse life-saving blood transfusion for their under-age child. What is the morally right thing to do in that case? You have to discuss considerations based on AUTONOMY, justified paternalism, and liberty with respect to religious practice. You need to write analytically, make sure that you cover all the relevant issues, and to use definitions of the concepts you use, references to the sources you are using without quoting directly from the source. The paper should be 2-3 pages.
Discuss the case of a religious group that refuse life-saving blood transfusion for their under-age child. What is the morally right thing to do in that case? You have to discuss considerations based on AUTONOMY, justified paternalism, and liberty with respect to religious practice. You need to write analytically, make sure that you cover all the relevant issues, and to use definitions of the concepts you use, references to the sources you are using without quoting directly from the source.
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