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POM Project - Creating My Own Warehouse Doors Business

NEED IT IN 20 HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The complete instructions are in the first file, an outline is in the second file, and an example of what is expected of the work on the third file. Need a diagram for the layout part of the factory or business and forecasting small numbers with a small chart created by the writer. Everything else is writing from a bussiness creating your own factory. So, write as if you have created your own business. The name of my business that you need to invent would be: a company that Manufacturing and installation of warehouse doors called Prastrana Doors! Remmeber the company does not exist, you invent everything from the mission statement to forecasts numbers.
NEED IT IN 20 HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The complete instructions are in the first file, an outline is in the second file, and an example of what is expected of the work on the third file. Need a diagram for the layout part of the factory or business and forecasting small numbers with a small chart created by the writer. Everything else is writing from a bussiness creating your own factory.
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read the question before send a offer pleassssssssssss
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