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SUBJECT AREA Engineering
DOCUMENT TYPE Research Paper
CREATED ON 30th November 2018
COMPLETED ON 8th December 2018
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Nanotechnology in microfluidics, optics and surface chemistry

Focus of this report should be on the following; - Biomedical Applications - Tools and Technique - Provide a literature review including the latest developments/applications regarding the term paper topic. Provide critical analysis of the important contributions found in the literature review. Discuss their significant achievements and limitations. Instructions for the report • The report must be typed with 12 pt Times Roman or Arial letter font, 1.5 line spacing, and 2 cm margins from the edges of the letter paper. Report should contain Figures/ Schematics in addition to Tables (all cited clearly). • 0% Plagiarized
Focus of this report should be on the following; - Biomedical Applications - Tools and Technique - Provide a literature review including the latest developments/applications regarding the term paper topic. Provide critical analysis of the important contributions found in the literature review. Discuss their significant achievements and limitations. Instructions for the report • The report must be typed with 12 pt Times Roman or Arial letter font, 1.5 line spacing, and 2 cm margins from the edges of the letter paper.
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