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The analysis of a micro-blogging website--Sina Weibo

Introduction: (2 pages) The introduction to your research paper, which outlines your thesis or research question: What is the study about? What is the rationale for the project? Why is it important? Summarize your project and preview some findings here. Think of this section as the map and the “ad” for the research paper to follow. Background or Literature Review (5 pages) What are the key issues and problems in this area of study? Are there studies closely related to yours? What did they find? You will need to find, read, and synthesize at least six recent studies.Review, compare, contrast, and critique these studies as they relate to your study. Overall you want to have answered the questions--“what do we know already in this area, what are the key questions, and how does my study fit in?” (I will also send my research proposal and scholarly articles. Please use the material that I give you.) Articles : Guan, Wanqiu, et al. “Analyzing User Behavior of the Micro-Blogging Website Sina Weibo during Hot Social Events.” Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and Its Applications, vol. 395, 2014, pp. 340–351. Ling, Wang, et al. “Mining Parallel Corpora from Sina Weibo and Twitter.” Computational Linguistics, vol. 42, no. 2, 2016, pp. 307–343. Ma, Jenny Weichen, et al. “A Window to the Ideal Self: A Study of UK Twitter and Chinese Sina Weibo Selfie-Takers and the Implications for Marketers.” Journal of Business Research, vol. 74, 2017, pp. 139–142. Literature review: What is does this article/book examine? Why is this important to the topic overall? Why is it important to your thesis in particular? How does the author study the issue (methodology, study design)? What are the author’s main findings or results? What are the gaps in this body of knowledge that should be addressed in future research? Use simple expression, easy vocabularies and sentences.
Introduction: (2 pages) The introduction to your research paper, which outlines your thesis or research question: What is the study about? What is the rationale for the project? Why is it important? Summarize your project and preview some findings here.
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