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While claiming that moral laws are universal, Kant presents a test to check if a maxim becomes, in fact, a mor

While claiming that moral laws are universal, Kant presents a test to check if a maxim becomes, in fact, a moral law. Briefly explain the test and apply the test to your answers regarding the Trolley problem and Fat Man problem. NOTE: This is not a research paper. It is inappropriate to use secondary sources (commentaries,etc.) from the library. It is an explication de texte showing your understanding (in your own words) of what you have read and discussed in class. Plagiarism is punishable by the failure of the course and expulsion from the College for a second offense. Use no secondary materials. Plagiarism will result in a failing grade in the course. LENGTH: (max.) 4 1.5-space, Font 11 word processor pages
While claiming that moral laws are universal, Kant presents a test to check if a maxim becomes, in fact, a moral law. Briefly explain the test and apply the test to your answers regarding the Trolley problem and Fat Man problem. NOTE: This is not a research paper. It is inappropriate to use secondary sources (commentaries,etc.) from the library.
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