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Stratification--- How Race, Class, Gender and Aging are Related

> MUST write a paper to explain how race, class, gender and aging are related. > Must use at least one theoretical perspective (Functionalist, Conflict, Symbolic Interactionist) to explain the topic. > Must use APA Style (Cover Page, Content Page, and Reference Page) with ONE CITATIONS. > Must use any book sources or scholarly articles for research. > Please follow the guidlines attached. > Let me know if you can handle this task. Must have Sociology background or knowledge.
> MUST write a paper to explain how race, class, gender and aging are related. > Must use at least one theoretical perspective (Functionalist, Conflict, Symbolic Interactionist) to explain the topic. > Must use APA Style (Cover Page, Content Page, and Reference Page) with ONE CITATIONS. > Must use any book sources or scholarly articles for research.
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