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SUBJECT AREA English Language
CREATED ON 28th November 2018
COMPLETED ON 1st December 2018
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Expert hired: Mimi Kwamimi

Marketing case study ( please if you are not a marketing person dissgard this offer)

Your assignment is to answer the 3 questions shown at the end of this Case Study. This case study is posted on a separate link. Also be sure to check out the 3rd separate link for this Case Study which contains the Grading Rubric. This Rubric shows how your paper will be graded. The Grading Rubric is still the same Rubric that I used to grade your Case #1 papers. This Rubric is shown on its own separate link. This is a "real world" case study. It was written by the Marketing Director of Lipton Canada who I met at a Unilever Conference. While the data in this case is old (it must be, so it does not reveal current Unilever Marketing strategy plans), it was 100% real at the time when this Marketing situation took place! This live data was collected by the author about 25 years ago. Who knows, the realities of this case may still be present in Canada today. In any case, the situation is real, and it should teach you several important lessons about Marketing. As you do this case study, you will be performing the same kind of analysis and recommendation writing that is done by any Product Manager who is currently working in a large corporation. Hint: Do not get concerned about Canadian geography (the Canadian provinces). Just note that these provinces have different levels of Guard development, as well as different levels of consumer preference for Guard and the other competitive brands of deodorant soaps. Format Directions 1. Papers should be about one to two pages long. Longer papers should NOT be written. 2. Each of your answers for questions #1, #2 and #3 should be SEPARATE paragraphs, and each separate paragraph should be numbered. These numbers must match each of the 3 questions you need to answer. 3. Type your paper using a 12 point size type font. 4. Excellent, clear writing is required. Re-write your paper several times. Then show it to a friend and ask the friend “What do you think of this paper? Does it make sense to you?” Then, use your friend’s comments to re-write your paper one more time. If I said your writing was poor in your first Case Study, they you should go to the Tutoring Center. Someone there will review your paper for proper English writing. 5. Most of the Marketing terms you should use in your paper will come from chapters 5 - 10, although you may also use some of the basic terms from the first 4 chapters of the textbook as well.
Your assignment is to answer the 3 questions shown at the end of this Case Study. This case study is posted on a separate link. Also be sure to check out the 3rd separate link for this Case Study which contains the Grading Rubric. This Rubric shows how your paper will be graded.
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