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THE SECOND WEEK writting diary experiences from internship

Need to be finished by today 28 Nov 2018. Hi, I am looking for a great writer that able in expressing words by their opinion. Basically the assignment is about like weekly diary based on my experience from internship that Im currently doing now until February. So, I AM LOOKING FOR A PERMANENT WRITER that I will keep order for every week by I give you the different note instruction. One paper for per week need 200 words, no references. Just the perfect expression of how you write it. Thanks for reading my instructions a, and please don't hesitate to discuss further through here. Please check the criteria of marking rubric from the attachment below. Best regards
Need to be finished by today 28 Nov 2018. Hi, I am looking for a great writer that able in expressing words by their opinion. Basically the assignment is about like weekly diary based on my experience from internship that Im currently doing now until February. So, I AM LOOKING FOR A PERMANENT WRITER that I will keep order for every week by I give you the different note instruction.
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