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Mississinewa 1812 is the largest War of 1812 living history event in the United States.

description of the entire event that explains why it is there and what the significance of the battle being reenacted was, both to the war of 1812 and to the region’s history. Please don’t cut and paste this directly from the event’s web page. I have already read that and know what it says. Recast it in your own words, based on your own experiences as an attendee. Describe the battle reenactment/demonstration itself, and what you learned about early nineteenth century frontier warfare. This part should be a significant factor in the overall report. You should have observations to share about weapons, uniforms, tactics and strategy, battlefield conditions and the unique characteristics of woodland/frontier warfare. Identify and describe the two areas of the whole encampment you liked best, and why. Describe the musical or storytelling performance you enjoyed the most and why. Your evaluation of the levels of historical accuracy on display at the various sites within the larger encampment, and how you drew that conclusion. Your evaluation of the experience as an educational and learning opportunity, explicitly comparing and contrasting attending a living history event/site with reading books (you might consult texts like: this American History Online article (accessed through the Ivy Tech Library, here), or reading primary documents, viewing a documentary, or listening to a lecture.
description of the entire event that explains why it is there and what the significance of the battle being reenacted was, both to the war of 1812 and to the region’s history. Please don’t cut and paste this directly from the event’s web page. I have already read that and know what it says. Recast it in your own words, based on your own experiences as an attendee.
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