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I just have a special request, could you please write in the 'UK English' rather than 'US English' for example, from customization to customisation. Also, try keeping the language and sentences as short as possible and straight to the point. My teacher is very strict over this and doesn't like things too wordy, this doesn't mean write less formally and academically, Thank you. 1500 words Brexit might be a useful topic to speak about
I just have a special request, could you please write in the 'UK English' rather than 'US English' for example, from customization to customisation. Also, try keeping the language and sentences as short as possible and straight to the point. My teacher is very strict over this and doesn't like things too wordy, this doesn't mean write less formally and academically, Thank you.
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A 9 pages formal report, in MLA format, that evaluates: - 3 websites from the same area, i.e. sports, medicine, entertainment or university - evaluated on 3 criteria’s, i.e. ease of navigation, attractiveness, quality of content - and at least 2 illustrations in MLA format Structered like this: - Page 1 – Title page - Page 2 – Letter of transmittal (ToC with list..
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