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CREATED ON 27th November 2018
COMPLETED ON 30th November 2018
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Subconscious mind and its influence on the way photographers represent themselves through self-portraits.

I am attaching my dissertation with the feedback for the first chapter. I need the 1st chapter to be improved as said on the feedback. (I have written a paragraph about my own photographic work so this part can be left out if preferred) At the bottom in red it's the 2nd chapter which has not been viewed by a teacher and need to be finished off. I already have over 3 thousand words and need 4 thousand words in total just for now. I have written things in the brackets I want to emphasise on in the second chapter however, it does not have to be included. Deadline is 30th november at 3pm. Please consider the time difference from London to yours :)))
I am attaching my dissertation with the feedback for the first chapter. I need the 1st chapter to be improved as said on the feedback. (I have written a paragraph about my own photographic work so this part can be left out if preferred) At the bottom in red it's the 2nd chapter which has not been viewed by a teacher and need to be finished off. I already have over 3 thousand words and need 4 thousand words in total just for now.
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